Urban masterplans

How should an Urban Masterplan design respond to the economic, social, physical and environmental potentials of a site? How should the spatial layout be designed? How should land use and density be distributed within this layout? How can the in-use performance of development proposals be forecast?

We begin the process of creating an Urban Masterplan by optimising the relationship between the site and its urban setting, identifying key points of linkage into the site. We then define a spatial layout and urban block structure. We continue to refine the proposed layout and to distribute public spaces, land use and density. We use software-based models to measure the interaction of spatial accessibility and land use attraction to ensure the greatest chances of success in terms of movement patterns, land use and density distribution, land value and safety.

Using evidence-based design processes allows different Urban Masterplan options to be rapidly and objectively assessed, creating clear pathways for stakeholder consultation and decision-taking.