Site development strategies

How can detailed design considerations such as landscape and building design ensure the over-arching aims of a development are delivered consistently? How can this argument be used to strengthen a planning application?

Using increasingly sophisticated analyses, we develop the Urban Masterplan design to a more detailed resolution as a Site Development Strategy. This means making sure that considerations such as active building frontages, shading, massing, public realm and landscape respond to forecast patterns of movement and activity. These forecasts are used to market the design to potential tenants not only in terms of how it will look but also in terms of how it will work for users on the ground.

By continuing to work up to the Site Development Strategy, the smaller scale design of the public realm is integrated with the wider scale strategic design issues. Our experience has shown that, by following an iterative, evidence-based design process, the likelihood of stakeholder buy-in is increased, as is the approval of planning applications.