Products & processes

Space Syntax provides planning and design advice to public and private agencies, identifying the physical and spatial infrastructure needed to deliver social, economic and environmental regeneration across urban settlements and their regions.

We bring together and lead multi-disciplinary teams or we provide specialist design input to other lead consultants.

Working across scales, between the global and the local, our work spans what are often divisions between architecture, planning and urban economics.

Our approach is unique in the way that we take design inputs – in terms of spatial layout, land use, density and transportation – and evaluate their combined effects on critical outputs such as movement patterns, land value and urban safety.

We take a two-step approach to ideas development:

Urban Baseline Studies
First, using world-leading techniques of urban evaluation, we ‘diagnose’ existing patterns of movement, value and crime. We create Urban Baseline Studies, studying existing places to measure the strength of their current spatial layouts, movement patterns, land values and social cohesion. We use our diagnostic analysis to demonstrate how social, economic and environmental indicators are influenced by physical and spatial conditions.

Spatial Planning & Design Strategies
Second, we develop visionary urban planning concepts in the form of Spatial Design Strategies, Concept Masterplans, Site Development Strategies and Public Realm Designs. We run forecast models to show how these proposals will impact on social, economic and environmental performance. We use the results of our Urban Baseline Studies to evolve planning and design solutions so that new development connects effectively into existing places. In our experience this means that the final product has a much better chance of success.