Benefits of an integrated methodology

1. Implemented and proven
Used in hundreds of projects worldwide. International applications have created an international reputation as well as an extensive movement database, permitting benchmarking of new projects.

2. Research-based
Built on extensive, peer-reviewed academic research over forty years at University College London and elsewhere plus on-going knowledge exchange between Space Syntax Limited and the global research community.

3. Multi-modal
Allowing pedestrian, cycling, public transport and private vehicle modes to be analysed within a common modelling framework supporting the development of integrated urban environments.

4. Multi-scale
Allowing street networks to be analysed simultaneously at multiple scales, from macro analysis of whole-system properties to micro-analysis of individual street segments, building plots and public spaces, permitting both strategic and detailed analysis of urban networks and informing coherent multi-scale strategies for urban places.

5. Integrated and evidence-based
Integrating multiple variables within a common spatial framework of urban parameters. Measuring key planning and design inputs such as street network geometry, land uses, active frontages and transport design.