How we add value

Space Syntax adds value to projects in three key ways:

1. Revealing unseen opportunities and creating better ideas
This is the key strength of the Space Syntax approach. Our reputation is based on a highly creative use of technology to identify the essential design features of urban and building design projects. These are typically aspects of the location, linkages, layout, land use and landscaping of a project that influence human activity and, in doing so, drive the social, economic and environmental performance of places.

The first step towards the identification of new opportunities is in the ‘diagnosis’ of existing situations through Baseline Studies, which identify opportunities and inspire design ideas for capitalising on them.

2. Measuring and improving the likelihood of success
The Space Syntax approach is built on a set of evidence-based methods that forecast whether proposed policies, strategies, plans, and designs will work to create the social, economic and environmental benefits that they are expected to. We give stakeholders and decision-makers reassurance when a design is developing in a favourable way, or we alert them when it is in danger of going off track and they need to act. In the latter case, our approach helps to reduce or mitigate the risk of functional failure. In every case, the Space Syntax approach aims to boost ‘returns’ of many sorts: land value, rental income from, for example, enhanced footfall in retail areas, safety in streets and buildings, increased interaction between people in buildings.

3. Facilitating communication on project teams and with stakeholders
Our methods allow us to speak a common, ‘spatial’ language that bridges across disciplinary boundaries and translates the objectives of planners, designers, transport engineers, economists, developers, investors and members of the public in such a way that they can be understood by all and organised into meaningful, practical frameworks for action.

“Space Syntax’s analysis and design contribution helped unlock the scheme. The evidence they presented proved critical in promoting our design and convincing people that it would work.”

Neil Porter
Gustafson Porter Landscape Architects, speaking about the redesign of Nottingham’s Old Market Square