Case Studies

SWECO training workshop



"It's totally clear to me when I see Space Syntax’s work that l believe in it."

Paul Murrain

Space Syntax offers a range of training programs, tailored to user needs. A three-day training workshop was arranged for 7 staff members from different groups within SWECO, the Swedish engineering company. The event was designed to provide hands-on technical software training, as well as training in the theoretical concepts underlying the Space Syntax approach. The workshop program was structured around a live project, the Metborgatsplatsen in the Södermalm area of Stockholm.

The main training objectives were:

  • to introduce Space Syntax planning and design principles and project methodology
  • to develop technical skills and knowledge to conduct spatial analysis using Space Syntax modelling technology
  • to disseminate knowledge necessary to interpret the results of the analysis to inform strategic, evidence-based design development of urban projects
  • to visit a selection of Space Syntax projects that have been realised in London.
The participants were privately funded through FFNS foundation for innovation and collaboration.

The training was excellent: The content and format with a brief instruction at first along with project specific questions was well executed along with your instructions of how to model correctly. We’ve now a better understanding about the importance of correct modeling.
Urban Planner, SWECO

Thank you for truly inspiring days! Using our own site from Stockholm was really good.
Transport Planner, SWECO