Case Studies

Chengdu, Wenjiang


Project Director
Ed Parham

HYHW Architects

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Existing Chengdu spatial accessibility analysis.

"What we know and feel about cities is hard to put into words or images, still harder to enumerate. Space Syntax has the vocabulary, graphics and data to do this."

Paul Fisher
Daily Telegraph

The opportunity
Beijing-based HYHW Architects were invited to develop an urban masterplan in Chengdu City near Wenjiang. Space Syntax was appointed to undertake a strategic analysis of the design proposals including site and case study analysis and design recommendations.

Our contribution
Through a series of baseline analysis, the strategic masterplan was assessed according to its location, linkages, street layout, land use pattern and landscape character. This led to the creation of a series of design recommendations for the masterplan.

The outcome
Space Syntax’s recommendations  highlighted the need for the creation of a pedestrian-oriented street network  and land use pattern. Working closely with the HYHW team, our recommendations were translated into final design proposals through a series of design workshops.