Case Studies

Changchun, South West


Project Director
Ed Parham

HYHW Architects

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Layout concept diagram.

"Thank you very much for organising last night's talks. Your speakers were excellent and generated discussion until our heads hit the pillow....really well content-ed and presented talks. I am so cheesed off with the rounds of rubbish, 10-minute wonder powerpoints that are called CPD these days - your balanced event was very refreshing and challenging, more like a symposium."

Attendee at an "OpenSpace" event at Space Syntax's London studio

The opportunity
Following our previous work in Changchun, Space Syntax was invited to undertake a qualitative design review of the revised design proposal for a town centre to the south west of Changchun City.

Our contribution
The team assessed the masterplan in terms of its location, linkages, layout, landuse patterns and landscape character. The assessment identified strong fragmentation at both the regional and local scale.

The outcome
Space Syntax’s proposals included the introduction of  a number of spatial linkages which supported an integrated grid with strong regional connections and a strong internal structure. These recommendations ultimately influenced the final submission of the design.