Our approach

Space Syntax’s approach combines global experience with advanced spatial technology. We offer science-based, human-focused methods for the planning and design of buildings and urban areas.

We show how the layout of space influences the social, economic and environmental performance of places from the scale of the entire city to the scale of the individual street and building. We measure the strength of spatial layouts, both existing and proposed and we show how spatial layout impacts fundamentally on the way that people move, interact and transact in streets and buildings.

On foot, on bikes and in vehicles.

We produce planning and design proposals that enhance economic activity, foster social conviviality and reduce carbon emissions. Often this means creating spatial layouts that encourage walking, cycling and public transport use – a high quality public realm providing high levels of access between people and places.

We use forecast models to test planning and design ideas from an early conceptual stage right through to detailed design and post-occupancy.

Empowering people

The Space Syntax approach empowers people to make informed decisions about the planning, design and operation of places. We add value through a unique, evidence-based service offer:

We create places by producing visionary planning and design ideas, leading and supporting multi-disciplinary teams.

We shape knowledge by undertaking research, developing technology and generating new knowledge.

We inform practice by training people in the use of our approach.

We are expert, independent and widely respected for the support we provide to public, private and community-based decision takers.

“We realised Space Syntax were light years ahead of everybody else. This scheme will last for 200 years. We needed the best and the best is what we’ve got.”

Councillor John Jowers
Colchester Borough Council