Products & processes

Space Syntax’s approach helps to reduce significant risk in the planning, design and operation of buildings.

At the diagnostic stage, we help designers, managers and occupiers to understand how and why their hospital buildings operate the way they do. When appropriate, we undertake movement and space use surveys. We interview and questionnaire staff and visitors to gather data on their perceptions and priorities.

We show how the design of horizontal and vertical circulation influences user behaviour such as purchasing patterns in retail environments, circulation patterns in galleries and patterns of interaction in work environments.

This information is then used at the design stage to provide an evidence-based, creative input. We assist in the development of retail and curatorial strategies and we work to make schools and hospitals safe, convivial and, ultimately, fit for purpose. We use forecast models to demonstrate how, in plan and section, building designs are going to work. Working in close collaboration with our clients and partners we help deliver buildings that provide conviviality, comfort and safety for their users.