11th January 2018

Space Syntax and Future Cities Catapult will host Citi Data HackTombolo’s first hackathon at the Urban Innovation Centre in London from 16th–18th March 2018.

We’re looking for data specialists, software developers, user experience (UX) designers and service designers to join us for a fast-paced weekend at the Urban Innovation Centre to explore how city authorities could improve how they use data to address urban challenges.

City authorities from around the UK will present a major challenge that they currently face. Multi-disciplinary teams will then have 48 hours to hack a new piece of open source software – the Digital Connector – analyse data to uncover new insights and propose an innovative solution for how each city authority could redesign their services to tackle their local challenge.

Weekend Hackathon guests will not only have the chance to win carefully selected prizes, but also benefit from a series of engaging talks from data scientists, digital designers, service designers and open source experts who are currently applying their skills in this space.

To register for the Hackathon visit our Eventbrite page.

Following the Hackathon, teams who wish to develop their proposals further will be eligible to participate in another competition, which will run for four weeks in May/June 2018. The deadline for proposals for this second competition is 13th April, 2018


About the project

Tombolo is a 3-year innovation project, funded by Innovate UK, which aims to improve how city authorities use data. Bringing together a multi-disciplinary team from Space Syntax and Future Cities Catapult, the project is:

  • Developing a range of products and services to support city authorities in using data.
  • Establishing a community of practitioners to increase the supply of advanced data capabilities in the UK market and stimulate demand for data analytics in cities.

See the Digital Connector in GitHub.

Learn more about the Tombolo project and the Digital Connector at www.tombolo.org.uk